Make Your Office Client Friendly

It may seem like a small thing, but a welcoming reception area is key to a business’ success. The effect of a well-placed, beautifully designed floral display, may be subtle, almost subliminal. But it is crucial. And here’s why…

Attract Success

You want to put forward the image of success, and abundance: success, attracts success. The clients don’t need to be aware that your fresh flowers were a perfectly reasonable price. They will be aware, though, that your company is obviously successful enough, to be able to indulge a little, in the luxury of aesthetic beauty. And if you are already successful, then that is more reason to want to work with you.

Beautiful flowers will also help to put your client in a more positive frame of mind. The flowers will provide a gentle scent to welcome your clients.

You may not yet be able to afford swanky new offices gleaming with light and marble-tiled floors. So, a beautifully designed bouquet, will draw your client’s eyes away from a well-worn interior or bland office space. It is an inexpensive way to add a colourful vibrancy and a bit of life to an otherwise dead space, and brings a little of the outside in.

Express Your Creativity

For a Creative Office, floral displays that change with the seasons, and keep up with high fashion trends, will demonstrate your creative flair and suggest industry knowledge. You can afford to be a little different with your designs, so choose a florist that will create eye-catching, vivid displays that use textures and fabrics as enhancements. Talk to your professional florist about your company’s branding: your florist can then ensure that your floral displays reflect the colours and message of your branding. This won’t go unnoticed by your potential clients.

Let Them Know You Care

Floral displays are particularly wonderful for those working in the wedding industry: aesthetics will be on your bride’s mind. If you are a wedding planner, venue or service, your bride-to-be will want you to have good attention to aesthetic detail. Flowers express this perfectly.

If your clients come to you with difficult and complex issues, for instance, if you are a law firm, hospital, psychotherapy practice, charity, or even a pupil referral unit, flowers can help to lift an atmosphere, just a little, and enable your client to feel more at ease. Simple, classic flower arrangements are a tasteful way to let your client know you are human, and will work to get them the most positive outcome, to a difficult situation. Flowers can set us up for a more positive day.

Shake Up Your Team

Flowers are a fantastic way to add vibrancy to board meetings, conferences, events, retirement do’s, training session and team meetings. Place them as table centre-pieces, to awaken the senses.

Promote Diversity

And if you’re very, very clever, you can express your company’s commitment to that all important Diversity and Equal Opportunities, through simple, timely flower arrangements: request a Diwali, Eid, Yom Kippur, Christmas or Dharma Day-themed display. Ask your florist to make sure their designs keep up with the important cultural and religious festivals throughout the year.

Get Your Flowers Delivered

There is no need to send your lovely receptionist out for a fresh bunch of flowers every morning! Choose a reliable florist that will deliver, regularly, to the doors of your office. Take out a contract, to ensure that flowers are one less thing to worry about.

Flowers are a simple, cost-effective way to energize an office space and engage your clients and employees. Lily Blossom Florist offer contracts tailored to your business, and will deliver beautiful, fresh floral displays straight to your door. Contact us here, for a free, no obligation quote, or call us on 0208 979 5656 to discuss your needs.  

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