Super Flowers, for Super Human Powers!

by Craig Davison
When girls are young, and dream of Prince Charming, he is brave, powerful, and kind (hopefully!).

And, as the beautiful image above, by Sheffield born artist Craig Davison illustrates, when boys are young, they want to be… superheroes! 

We also love this amusing little number
by fellow Blogspotter 
Cuyler Smith!
Many of us won’t admit it, but we may, at some point, have been caught wearing a towel as a cape, our big sister’s leggings on, and our pants over the top, jumping from the top stairs, shouting things like Geronimo!, or Kapow!

Some of us seriously considered entering a career that would allow us to become the Superhero’s  human equivalent: police men, fire fighters, ambulance drivers, soldiers. Those real humans with almost super human powers of bravery, compassion and the will and power to carry out heroic deeds, daily. In short, the boys unknowingly wanted to be Prince Charming!

Well, some of us achieved Prince Charming status! And some have chosen a different path in life.

But do you know what, there’s a hero inside all of us. And our new range of fun, novel flowers are designed to inspire you, to call out your inner bravery, and help you bring a massive smile to your loved one!

Exclusively at Lily Blossom Florist
Our arresting floral designs are made in honour of a very real-life, local hero, PC Andrew Duncan. The range includes blooming bouquets of fresh, handpicked flowers, ranging from yellow roses, that symbolise thanks, friendship and celebration, ultra-romantic velvety red roses that mean loyalty, respect and deep love, silky white roses that symbolise pure love, and luscious, plump hot pink roses too! You can choose to give them by the dozen. But if you really want to say something that won’t be forgotten, you simply must go for our fantastic Arresting You bouquet, consisting of no less than one hundred, large, plush deep red roses.

All of our bouquets in this range are wrapped in the instantly recognizable, chequered police motif cellophane, which we have specially printed! You won’t find anything like this, in any other florists. It’s a true Lily Blossom exclusive.

Exclusively at Lily Blossom Florist
And guess what… our Arresting range is guaranteed to help you impress your girl so much, she WILL say yes. And we are so confident, that if she says no, we’ll give you your money back. Honest guv! We really will!

You can purchase a range of extras to go with your flowers. If you are sending to congratulate a uniformed couple on the birth of a child, (as one of our staff recently did), send them our gorgeous Bobby Bear!

If it’s your first anniversary, or you just want to surprise your loved one with a bit of cheeky fun, we have novel handcuffs for you too!
Bobby Bear, waiting for you at
Lily Blossom Florist!

This fun range of fresh floral designs has a more serious side too. You can feel extra good about purchasing them. Because 5% of our profits from your purchase goes to PC Andrew Duncan’s Memorial, and a further 5% goes to the Police Roll of Honour Trust.

PC Andrew Duncan was our real-life inspiration for this exciting collection. On Friday 20th September 2013, this honourable,fun, well-loved father, husband and police officer, was struck by a vehicle, as he motioned for the driver to pull over, during a speed enforcement operation. 

Andrew joined the police force in 1990, and served in Battersea, Hammersmith and Fulham, the south west Territorial Support Group, and finally, Merton.

Known to his friends and family as Andy, this real-life hero was a scouting volunteer, a brave colleague, and an inspiration, who will be greatly missed, and fondly remembered.

We hope we have captured Andy’s almost super human powers; bravery, compassion, adventure and fun, in our unique collection of floral delights! And we’re really pleased to support the two funds, in his honour. The money will then go to the causes he cared so much about.

So follow in the footsteps of a hero: don your best suit, grab a beautiful bunch of roses, and persuade your girl, to surrender! You’ll be her hero, and her Prince Charming. Guaranteed.

Well, it’s got to be more impressive than wearing your pants outside of your lycra leggings. Right?

You can view more of Craig Davison’s fantastic, evocative, playful artwork by clicking here